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Training EstimaTech holds recurrent courses at our training facilities in Boston. These courses are designed for beginning users, intermediate users, and advanced users of our software. Table 1 provides information about the training courses available in 1999. EstimaQuote BeginnersInstallation, how to Get StartedJanuary 21-23, 1999EstimaQuote IntermediateMaking On-Site Estimates; EstimaQuote Tips and TricksFebruary 26-27, 1999EstimaQuote AdvancedStyles, Script Files,Interfacing with Project Management ProgramsMarch 26-27, 1999 If you have questions about any of these classes or would like to register, call our toll-free Training Hotline at 1-800-555-8900. Technical Support Plans EstimaTech provides four support plans, as shown in Table 2. You should choose a plan based on your needs and resources. Note: The cost per year of the Gold and Platinum plans does not include travel and lodging for our technical support representative. Using Technical Support Our team of highly trained support representatives will answer your questions quickly and courteously. No question is too simple or too difficult. You can get answers in the following ways: Call our telephone support number. The number you call, and the average wait time (see below) depends on your technical support plan. Fax us a question at (617) 555-8740. We will normally fax back the answer within two hours. Send a question to the EstimaTech forum on CompuServe. Click the Go button, type ETUSERS into the input text box, and then press Enter. Average Wait Times The average amount of time that support callers have to wait before talking to a technical support representative is the following: Bronze 18.8 min Silver 10.2 min Gold 1.23 min Platinum 1.28 min Frequently Asked Questions Many difficulties you might encounter are common to many other users. For this reason, we publish a current FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document, which you can download from our Web site at www.estimatech.com or from our CompuServe forum. і».C≠±X эыщ6БB* 5Б0L^tИХwА|}Уі»…’вэыхллхэйэззддд†ФдддC$$ЦlФY4 t÷ €€€€ €€€€€€€€€€€€÷Fє І  ÷   $ $dр ∆ј!$dр2 J  О к r Е  ) 7 I d X юыщцццусу -.CЕЧШЩ4≠2 J  ьљ®ььь~|zxzzx|?$$ЦlФ 4 t÷ €€€€ €€€€€€€€€€€€÷Fє І ?$$ЦlФю4 t÷ €€€€ €€€€€€€€€€€€÷Fє І €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€$  О к r Е  ) 7 I d X ъъъшцнцзцшцДКД ДбД ∆ј! & F ∞–/ ∞а=!∞"∞#Р†$Р†%∞ [:@с€:Normal Д–dаCJOJQJmH R`R Heading 1$Дdр§р§<@&5БCJKHOJQJF@F Heading 2$Д§р§<@&5Б6БOJQJ4@4 Heading 3$§р§<@&<A@т€°<Default Paragraph Font."@.Caption §x§x5БD>`DTitle$dр§р§<5БCJ KHOJQJ&@&TOC 1  ∆ј! *@*TOC 2Др ∆ј! *@*TOC 3Да ∆ј! *@*TOC 4Д– ∆ј! *@*TOC 5Дј ∆ј! *@*TOC 6Д∞ ∆ј! *@*TOC 7Д† ∆ј! *@*TOC 8ДР ∆ј! *@*TOC 9ДА ∆ј! 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